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Simply telling your injuries to go away doesn’t always work. It’s not easy to tell a head-ache to go away ~ that you’re not in the mood for one ~ what kind of results do you think you’ll get from that? I don’t think you’ll put the aspirin companies out of business, nope.

Tennis elbow, go away, I still got some games to play? No, that might not be a joint-mender either. That’s why Smoothie Essentials is so popular. The ingredients we use ~ well they’re things that your body can use.

Take for example our Antioxidant Blend. Even when you’re feeling well and up to a challenge, do you really know what internal commotions might be racing inside your body’s vital organs? Who knows what millions and millions of microscopic repairs your body makes within itself each day? Moment by moment, little blood cells are running around throughout your veins performing all kinds of maintenance procedures.

The average consumer might not know what all these services are. Enzymes here. Proteins there. Internal injuries can result not only from over-exertion, but from bumping into the car door and even from smog inhalation. We think, “Oh that didn’t hurt me, I’m ok. Still got things I can do.” Meanwhile, inside yourself there’s little internal ambulances racing to the scene.

Your blood can at any time contain water, dissolved proteins, glucose, mineals, hormones, carbon dioxide ~ in addition to the red blood cells themselves. Your blood also performs immunological functions, detecting harmful materials by antibodies. During the process of repairing your internal injuries, the blood will need antioxidants.

Antioxidant Blend provides your blood with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E among many other things. We use natural sources such as green tea, tomato, celery, spinach, carrot, milk thisle. Common enough plants, sure. But provided in a medium which is easy to store day by day, quick to pull off shelf, and absorbs rapidly into your bloodstream. It’s important to provide your body with sources of antioxidants every day. Maybe you get if from fresh veggies. Maybe you don’t. One way to make sure is to keep it handy with the Smoothie Essential Antioxidant Blend.

Be the one to rebound from injuries quicker than the rest. Keep antioxidants in your blood stream regularly. Keep Smoothie Essentials on your menu.


Catch Your Cash in the Web


Census Bureau Statistics as of 2009 reflect that 68.7% of households have Internet use at home. That’s the smaller number. The larger number, if you include use of computers outside the home such as library, school, etc, is that the percentage of people online jumps to 76.7.

The importance of having a web presence for your business cannot be understated. Case in point reported in BevIndustry, the recently released Vitaminwater Connect, featuring the flavor designed and chosen by Vitaminwater’s Facebook fans. The flavor, functional benefits and label design all were chosen by 116,000 unique Facebook users.

Everybody has something they want to say. The difficult part is finding someone who’s willing to listen. There are countless millions of consumers willing to shop ~ and preferring to shop ~ at places where their voices are heard; in other words places where they get to participate.

Key niche market #1: Build a personal rapport with the public. Key niche market #2: Nearly everyone is building their social lives by means of social websites.

Another example of the dominance of businesses relying on web presence: San Francisco’s Big Eat 2010: 100 Things to Try Before You Die. Not only is this phenomenon drawing in the crowds through web-based marketing, but they’re also inviting the public to participate by writing in about restaurants, dishes and treats that should be included.

The smoothie business operator needs to take advantage of the fact that the customer-base will find the smoothie shop online. If you don’t have a website or a web-presence for your shop ~ guess what? The customers who go online looking for yours will find your competitor’s instead. They will go online. You need to understand that and capitalize on it.

The Smoothie Essentials Team is here to help your smoothie shop succeed. We have crafted a winning product line. We have years of experience in the smoothie business. Any question you have, any resource you need: we care and we’re here. We’re listening.



Your adventure at operating a smoothie bar can be called many things.

  • adventurous
  • risky
  • hard work
  • satisfying
  • socially demanding
  • rewarding

Success is known best by those who’ve endured hard times.

  • Acheivement of a personal or corporate objective or a goal.
  • A level of social status.
  • Financial profitability.
  • Successfully taking one step at a time in your field of endeavor.
  • Or perhaps success can simply be whatever is the opposite of failure.

It’s not unlike the days when we sat in the classroom, bored out of our gourd as the professor’s mundane voice lulled us to sleep, and we daydreamed with wild imaginations of being somewhere else: anywhere else. And then suddenly you hear, “Test on Friday,” and you wake up out of the coma … too late. And now you have to scramble, do some damage control, and your heart races while you spend the next few days trying to piece the mystery together.

Successfully getting your own business off the ground can be a lot like that; passing the test after all. And you wipe the sweat from your brow, and you breathe again. And you think, “Gosh, that was a long week! But I pulled it off!” Except that in business, it’s not just a long week. The first year is the toughest. Most businesses that fail, do so in the first year.

Finding success in the smoothie industry is entirely possible and very rewarding. In this week’s blog I’d like to highlight one recent news story in particular. See if you can find clues and insights, and apply them to your situation. Here is the hyperlink to azcentral’s “Café owners hope healthy fare catches on at Freestone rec center.”

Success, to any degree, requires researching market demand. When you do that, you will invariably discover that the consumer demand is for healthy foods and beverages.

Smoothie Essentials. We’re here to help you succeed.

Here’s to your health.

Knowledge Is Power


14.2 Trillion Dollars. That’s what a Google search comes back with for the Gross Domestic Product as of the date of this blog. The question on everyone’s mind is “How can I get my share of that?”

Believe it or not, it’s not by lowering your prices. Although price wars can erupt on every corner gas station and hamburger shop, the strategy to win customers by dropping your prices is counter-productive.

Most customers go to places

  • where the employees are friendly
  • where the food and drink are original
  • where their friends go
  • and / or to places they believe in.

You can give your customers something to believe in!

Did you know that?

With the Smoothie Essentials Flipchart you can increase your customer’s knowledge of what they’re drinking and why they’re drinking it.

It’s a simple invention. Easy to read. It makes for a conversation piece. It can create an upsell to more products. And it will give you power. Giving your clients a reason to choose your smoothie shop.

Don’t lower your prices. Increase your worth. Believe in your business and give the customer a handful of reasons to believe in you too.

Knowledge is Power

The Importance of Exercise


The Smoothie Essentials Blends support and assist a healthy lifestyle.

Good Health in many ways includes both diet and exercise, to be sure.  But can a person’s health be slowly eaten away by an unseen enemy called ‘anxiety?’ Not helping much is the dilemma that it’s often difficult to pinpoint the source of uneasiness, fear and worry in our lives, creating even more anxiety or worry. Uncertainness about the future is the usual culprit, and the future can be greatly overpowering for those of us facing health concerns. Thus the loop is complete and we find ourselves tossed into the ‘spin cycle.’

Surprisingly, the solution can be as simple as stepping outside and going for a walk. Exercise doesn’t have to be associated with competition or honing one’s athletic skills. It doesn’t need to involve signing a contract at a health club. Relieving stress is as simple as getting up out of the chair and walking down the sidewalk, enjoying the sun, the trees, the fresh air.

The Archives of Internal Medicine recently presented a review of how exercise affects anxiety. Toronto’s CTV writes, “the reviewers say they found solid evidence that exercise can curb anxiety,” in people who are battling health problems. They reviewed results from 40 different studies, involving 3,000 study volunteers, and the results are in: “…they found that it didn’t matter how they exercised or how vigorously; the participants all reported they felt less worried, apprehensive and nervous.”

All of our Smoothie Essential Blends are specifically designed to encourage a healthy diet. Enjoy the ones that are right for you, and do something physically active every day.