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Tout all the health benefits you want about vegetarian lifestyle, some people just don’t want to completely give up meat. Happy with the middle of the road, more and more people are content to lean more towards vegetarianism as long as they can still eat meat when they want to.

Flexitarian is the word of the day. If you decide to go flexitarian, it is recommended that you start with small changes at first. Maybe that would be to stop having bacon at breakfast, or perhaps to select one or two days a week to go meatless. Protein is always available in non-meat sources such as tofu, beans, nuts, and Smoothie Essentials Soy Protein Blend.

Taking your supplements but still feeling like something’s not connecting upstairs? It might be a matter of simple dehydration. The healthiest foods in the world won’t carry you though an extended period of not drinking water. Nine to thirteen cups of water a day is what’s recommended by The Institute of Medicine. Try a glass next time you’re feeling sluggish. See if it’s what you’re lacking.


Green Blend


The vibrant skin after a Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin-enzyme-based facial was recently highlighted in Parade Magazine with an article written by Alexis Collado. She says, “It smells so good you might want to eat it, but please don’t!”

Smoothie Essentials Green Blend provides an alternate source of pumpkin; the pumpkin seed. Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source for many vitamins and minerals. They are a common treat in many cultures, and the Chinese use pumpkin seeds as a treatment for depression.

Green Blend provides essential components of many nutrition sources. It is a good source of Vitamin D and an excellent source of Vitamin B-3 (Niacin).



Portmanteau, a French word for something similar to a coat tree where you can hang several articles of clothing. Portmanteau is now also an English word for suitcase. It’s rather common these days to also associate portmanteau with word combinations. For example, we take the words Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals and combine them into the one word “nutraceuticals,” a portmanteau you will find in this blog and many others!

For example, an excellent report by Julie Dennis on Nutraceuticals World states “Despite globalization issues, scientific validation concerns, potentially restrictive regulations, rocky economic and an uneasy healthcare system, the dietary supplement market continues to grow.”
Some highlights?

  • Growth is despite factors that either support or threaten its growth.
  • The U.S. supplement industry is estimated at 25 billion.
  • Dietary supplements grew 10% in the mass market.
  • What factors are driving the nutraceutical numbers:
  • Folks without insurance are trying to find affordable ways of staying healthy
  • The Baby Boomers are anxious to remain healthy and vital despite entering the graying years.
  • Pharmaceuticals in and of themselves are reporting too many adverse side effects.
  • People disappointed with health care system in general are taking control of their own dietary decisions.

Nutrition by means of natural sources.
Smoothie Essentials

Calcium Blend


Only 99% of the calcium in your body is stored in your bones and teeth.

Because most of us feel strong enough in the bones and brilliant enough in the teeth, we tend to think we’re fine; that we’re not suffering from osteoporosis or dental decay.

But that little one percent; that other function of calcium in your body? It’s actually a major concern for such a trace ratio. Blood vessel expansion and contraction ~ you know, the way your body tends to stoop, bend, lift during the course of a day? If the ability to do these miniscule daily chores is important to you, you’ll need to make sure you include sufficient calcium in your diet. There’s more! Enzymes and hormones. Your nervous system’s ability to respond to impulse. Such things as these are those things for which the remaining 1% of the calcium in your body is necessary.

One question that gets passed around from time to time is whether coffee diminishes your bone strength. Answers will probably vary based on the study and how it was conducted. One strong answer, found on MSN Health and Fitness is a quick read but still packed with information. Robert Schmerling, M.D. of Harvard Medical School’s article addresses concerns about the effects of coffee and calcium. He stresses that if coffee intake is high (example given of four or more cups a day) and calcium intake is low, then there is a significant potential for health concerns. Those things which definitely do affect your bone strength would include smoking, excessive alcohol, low intake of calcium and vitamin D, among others.

With the Smoothie Essentials Calcium Blend, you can be assured that you are increasing both your calcium and your vitamin D intake. And with the ability to add this convenient blend to whatever smoothie beverage you’re already making, you won’t need to worry if it comes in your flavor.