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Omega-3 and Integrity


Yet another grand step forward has been taken with Omega-3!

Illinois-based Sara Lee has recognized the importance of the nutrient, and “will begin marketing a DHA-fortified white bread aimed at children that has been backed by the Disney Corporation,” according to a recent report put out by Nutraingredients. The article explains, “The world’s most successful omega-3 bread, ‘Tip Top Up Omega-3 DHA’, sells in Australia and similarly targets children’s brain health, but contains 32mg of fish-sourced DHA per two-slice serving.” As for the Sara Lee product line, the article goes on to quote Tim Zimmer, vice president of Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery: “We understand the need to ensure proper nutrition through all stages of life especially in younger children. Bread with DHA Omega-3 is an excellent and simple way to provide moms with a great-tasting, nutritious option their little ones will love.

The benefits of a diet that includes omega-3 are being recognized by an ever-increasing number of high-profile companies. To find a product that includes omega-3 is now as simple as buying bread, but it’s also possible to simply add it to your favorite drink. The Smoothie Essentials Omega-3 Blend comes in a powder form, and was specifically designed for the ease and convenience of adding it to the drink of your choice.

On another topic, let’s talk about Chipotle Mexican Grill. Let’s talk about success stories. The recent report is, “Revenue increased 12.2 percent to $387.5 million for the quarter. A bulk of that increase is due to higher menu prices implemented in late 2008…the Orange County Register reports. In an economy where most businesses are dropping prices to try to lure customers, Chipotle raised prices? Well the question that comes to mind is “How are they pulling this stunt off?” The answers appear quite clearly within the article but the keynote seems to be that in addition to selling food, they are delivering Integrity. “Food With Integrity” is the message direct from founder Steve Ells. Does cutting your selling price affect the end product? Apparently the consumers think so. Offer a quality product, deliver it by means of dedicated employees.

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Investments and Futures


Speirs Nutritionals was recently granted a $1m from a government group to further its endeavors to manufacture and deliver foods and drinks containing omega-3. According to information released in a recent NutraIngredients article, “Food platforms being considered include bakery goods, ice cream, yoghurt, pizza bases, and snack bars.”

This is landmark news because it is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who look for business opportunities of the future. Omega-3 is very much the future, not only in the field of health and nutrition but in consumer trends.

Business ventures that succeed are those that are in tune not only with the external community to which they sell, but also recognize the value of the internal work force. For example, the following excerpt from the Speirs Nutritionals website:

Speirs Group Ltd has been in business for over 100 years in various industries, the last 40 years in finance (Speirs Finance) and food (Speirs Foods) industries, is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, and is renowned for its strong sense of values and commitment to:

1. meeting and exceeding customers needs
2. partnerships for mutual benefit
3. maintaining the highest possible moral and ethical standards
4. responsibility as a good corporate citizen

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A Tale of Two Sulfates


Dietary Supplements
Food Supplements
Nutritional Supplements
Amino Acids
Fatty Acids? What are Fatty Acids?
Condroitin Sulfate? What’s Condroitin Sulfate?
And Glucosamine Sulfate?

For this weeks Blog, I’ve condensed some resourceful information gleaned from an article by G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN on Dynamic Chiropractic, April 19, 1999, Vol 17, Issue 9

“When comparing the absorption and positive human trials of Condroitin Sulfate to glucosamine, glucosamine is far and way superior. Glucosamine is a precursor to chondroitin. Patients who cannot afford both should at least take glucosamine.”

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Dr Andersen goes on to write, “Interest in Condroitin Sulfate began to heat up with Luke Bucci’s 1995 book, Pain Free. It accelerated with Dr. Theodosakis’ 1997 book, The Arthritis Cure. Both authors felt that purified Condroitin Sulfate could benefit the connective tissues when taken orally in adequate amounts.

“Studies in US are slow but studies from Europe are looking good.
Based on these studies:
Condroitin Sulfate can help patients suffering from osteoarthritis.
Oral ingestion of Condroitin Sulfate is safe, well tolertated and equally effective when taken all at once or in divided doses.
Metabolic: Condroitin Sulfate increases joint viscosity.
Anti-degradative: Condroitin Sulfate reduces collagenolytic activity.
Anti-inflammatory: it reduces inflammation.
Bottom line: less pain, greater mobility, retardation of joint space erosion.

“There are six glucosaminoglycans.
These are also referred to as GAGs.
They are composed of an amino sugar, galactosamine, and a sugar acid (glucuronic).
Condroitin Sulfate is sulfated.
This gives it a negative charge.
This causes them to repel each other.
It causes them to attract water.
This fills space in three dimensions and enables cartilage to absorb shock.
In the supplement world, Condroitin Sulfate is in a category called chondroprotective nutraceuticals.

From an article
in, dated 2 2 2009
Quotes a new study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism
Condroitin Sulfate over two years can prevent joint structure degradation in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Based on an international, randomized, double blind test.
Based on radiographs of the target knee, and the primary outcome was the loss in minimum JSW over two years (joint space width).
Pain improved significantly faster in the Condroitin Sulfate group that in the placebo group.
Research conclusions:
Condroitin Sulfate has structure modifying and symptom modifying effects.
Condroitin Sulfate could be a disease modifying agent.

Smoothie Essentials Joint Blend contains Condroitin Sulfate and as such can help support healthy joints.

From an article
in, dated 6/2/09
Taxpayers funded a five year research.
13 actual studies to investigate Glucosamine’s effect on arthritis.
Glucosamine is more effective than placebo.
Equivalent if not superior to Ibuprofen.
Ibuprofen affects the digestive tract yet hundreds of thousands use it every year.
Recommended dosage is 1500 mg Glucosamine.
Glucosamine has been studied for over twenty years.
It can be considered the therapy of choice for primary (age) or secondary (injury) arthrosis.
Oral forms are effective.
Oral is the most popular method.
Results: joint narrowing (cushion between the bones) was more pronounced by placebo.
Placebo showed worsening while glucosamine showed growth.
It is appropriate for patients to keep the joints mobile through exercise and diet, and using glucosamine sulfate to aid in the pain reduction and regeneration of destroyed joints.

Smoothie Essentials Joint Blend contains Glucosamine, and as such helps supports healthy joints.

From an article
in Associated Press, dated June 1, 2009
Omega 3 has three fatty acids.
Two come from fatty fish such as bluefish, halibut, mackerel.
Th third one comes from such as walnuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil.
Reported to prevent heart disease and related problems.

Glucosamine is obtained from the shells of shrimp, lobster, crabs.
Chondroitin is made from cartilage of sharks anvd cattle.
Synthetic versions are also available.
Glucosamine and Condroitin Sulfate are often used in conjunction with each other.
Supposed to assist for arthritis pain, usually in the knees.

Smoothie Essentials Omega-3 Blend contains Omega-3 which comes from sardines, and as such can help support a healthy heart.

From an article
in Natural by Steve Calechman, dated Oct-Nov 2002
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that breaks down the protective cartilage between your joints, causing pain and stiffness and limiting mobility (sic).
There are dozens of natural arthritis supplements on the market.
This article surveyed a half dozen joint pain specialists in search of facts.
Taken jointly Glucosamine Sulfate and Condroitin Sulfate prevent the progression of the disease, reduce inflammation, and relieve mild to severe pain.
Of all the products, Glucosamine Sulfate and Condroitin Sulfate have the largest body of evidence behind them.
Glucosamine Sulfate is a natural substance the keeps cartilage from fraying and can help produce more cartilage.
Quotes Hason Theodosakis, MD of Tucson AZ, author of Maximizing the Arthritis Cure.