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Sales of herbal dietary supplements in the united states increased by almost 5% in 2009, according to PRNewswire review of, the nonprofit American Botanical Council’s (ABC) quarterly journal.

“In the most economically difficult market in over 70 years, when almost all consumer goods experienced a drop in sales, consumers voted strongly with scarcer dollars for herbal dietary supplements.”

It also goes on to say, “The top-selling single herbal supplements of 2009 in the health and natural foods channel include aloe, flaxseed oil, wheat grass, barley grass, and acai.”

Smoothie Essentials Green Blend contains both wheat grass and barley grass.

How to wake up your creative side:

  • Change perspective, go for a walk, change your surroundings.
  • Learn something new, observe others, people watch.
  • Listen to a friend, find what’s new with them, get inspired.
  • Teach someone something you’ve learned.
  • Enjoy a Smoothie Essentials Libido Blend.