The Herbs of Smoothie Essentials: Home Made Yogurt


Home Made Yogurt

We all know that yogurt is full of probiotics and offers our body “healthy bacteria”. Those healthy bacteria can assist in healing an intestinal infection as well as a yeast infection. While there are many choices of yogurt at the grocery stores there are many people out there that prefer to make their own. It is also a more cost effective choice in comparison to the store bought price.

Homemade yogurt can be a better choice due to the amount of probiotics it has. Probiotics live longer when they are fresh and nothing is fresher than something homemade.  By making your own yogurt you also have the control of what goes in it. You decide which kind of milk to use, as well as what ingredients and flavors go in it. Ever eat a yogurt and wish there were more strawberries or peaches in it, or that it was sweeter or a little more tart? Well, with making  your own you can control that. You can make it with more fruit and have the  tart taste  you like so much.

Think of all the smoothies that you can make with your homemade yogurt, the possibilities are endless. Our family just learned to make homemade yogurt. We are a family of smoothies. Everytime  I see a new smoothie recipe I have to try it. This weekend we will not only try a new smoothie but we will make it with our own homemade yogurt.

This website has some great starters;

Home made yogurt

Home made yogurt

•4 cups whole milk

•3 tablespoons thick yogurt with live and active culture

Special Equipment

•A deep-fry or candy thermometer


Heat milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring and scraping bottom of pan often with a heatproof spatula (for a smooth yogurt, take care not to incorporate too much air), until thermometer registers 185°.

Reduce heat to low and cook milk, without stirring or letting it heat above 185°, for 20-25 minutes (it will be slightly thicker at the longer cook time).

Place pot in a large bowl filled with ice water. Stir constantly until thermometer registers 110° (don’t go below). Immediately and gently stir in yogurt. Pour mixture into a 32-ounce jar. Cover jar and place in a warm spot in kitchen. Let mixture sit for 10-12 hours (do not disturb jar).

Taste yogurt. If you prefer a thicker, tangier yogurt, let it stand 5-8 hours longer. Refrigerate. Remember to reserve 3 tablespoons for your next batch!


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